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250 mg, 125 mg

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Active ingredient: griseofulvin

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Categories of GrisolAnti Fungal
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Manufacturer country (Worldwide Sale)United Kingdom
Medication ClassMiscellaneous antifungals

Grisol pills over the counter

When certain drugs Grisol used with griseofulvin, these other for example may not work as well. Griseofulvin should not be prescribed to pregnant patients. Griseofulvin stops fungus cells from infecting new hair, skin or nails, which helps to get rid of the fungal infection.

Side Effects

Possible side effects of Grisol include:

  • Black, tarry stools
  • red, irritated eyes
  • white patches in the mouth or throat or on the tongue
  • nausea
  • Hives or welts
  • soreness or irritation of the mouth or tongue

Used for

Grisol is used to treat diseases such as: Dermatophytosis, Onychomycosis, Fingernail, Onychomycosis, Toenail, Tinea Barbae, Tinea Capitis, Tinea Corporis, Tinea Cruris, Tinea Pedis.

How to Use

  • If a child is taking this medication, tell your doctor if the child has any changes in weight.
  • You may have increased sexual urges, unusual urges to gamble, or other intense urges while taking this medication.

Dosage & Overdose

Cerazette tablets must be taken every day, at the same time every day, for them to be effective at preventing pregnancy. Patients should be evaluated frequently during dose escalation to determine the lowest dosage that produces a therapeutic response.


  • Rare reports of ovarian cancer have been associated with fertility medications but a causal relationship has not been determined partly because it is not possible to predict beyond the risk that infertility brings to developing ovarian cancer.
  • Glucocorticoids do not decrease mortality in severe alcoholic hepatitis.


  • Previously, a few studies had reported that oral contraceptives might be associated with birth defects but these studies have not been confirmed.
  • If your daughter is planning to become pregnant or thinks that she may be pregnant, it is important that she sees a doctor as soon as possible.
  • Women who realise they are pregnant early in gestation can consider substituting EFV with NVP or a PI, or temporarily suspending treatment.