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Active ingredient: budesonide

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Categories of ForacortAsthma
Average price (USD)$44.8
Manufacturer country (Worldwide Sale)Georgia, Oman, Venezuela
Medication ClassGlucocorticoids

Foracort pills OTC

Budesonide was element to be active when given for this rectal enemas to patients with ulcerative colitis. Each bottle of budesonide nasal spray should only be used by one person.

Side Effects

Possible side effects of Foracort include:

  • burning, crawling, itching, numbness, prickling, "pins and needles", or tingling feelings
  • burning while urinating
  • redness of the face, neck, arms, and occasionally, upper chest
  • lower back or side pain

Used for

Foracort is used to treat diseases such as: Asthma, Maintenance, Autoimmune Hepatitis, Crohn's Disease, Crohn's Disease, Acute, Crohn's Disease, Maintenance, Eosinophilic Esophagitis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Ulcerative Colitis, Active.

How to Use

  • The lowest effective dosage should be used under close medical supervision.
  • Do not suddenly stop taking this medication without consulting your doctor.

Dosage & Overdose

Identification of a clinically maximal dose is important information for clinicians, and may help prevent the use of higher doses than necessary to provide relief of painful symptoms without exposing patients to higher risks of adverse experiences.


  • Cordarone increases the cardiac refractory period without influencing resting membrane potential, except in automatic cells where the slope of the prepotential is reduced, generally reducing automaticity.


  • This medicine may cause birth defects, loss of the unborn baby, or premature birth if you take it while you are pregnant.