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45 mg

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Active ingredient: amiloride

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Categories of AmiloreticBlood Pressure
Average price (USD)$0.44 Moduretic
Manufacturer country (Worldwide Sale)South Africa
Medication ClassPotassium-sparing diuretics

Amiloretic pills OTC

Anuria, acute prescription medicine chronic renal insufficiency, and evidence of diabetic nephropathy are contraindications to effects use of amiloride HCl. The probability of a causal relationship exists between Amiloride HCl and these adverse reactions, some of which have been reported only rarely.

Side Effects

Possible side effects of Amiloretic include:

  • unpleasant breath odor
  • shakiness in the legs, arms, hands, or feet
  • sleepiness or unusual drowsiness
  • coma
  • sore throat
  • sleeplessness
  • wheezing

Used for

Amiloretic is used to treat diseases such as: Ascites, Edema, Heart Failure, High Blood Pressure.

How to Use

  • You should take this medication with food or milk to avoid this side effect.
  • The lowest effective dose should be used for each patient.

Dosage & Overdose

Such patients may be unresponsive to the usual doses of adrenaline used to treat the allergic reactions. In cases where the drug is prescribed to treat cancer, the dosage is usually administered every day, or every day for a period of two to three weeks.


  • Alcohol may also increase the risk of seizures.