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10 mg, 5 mg, 2.5 mg

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Active ingredient: lisinopril

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Categories of GenoprilBlood Pressure
Average price (USD)$0.23 Zestril
Manufacturer country (Worldwide Sale)Taiwan
Medication ClassAngiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors

Genopril medications over the counter

Some foods Http:// medicines may affect how lisinopril works. Keep these considerations in mind if other doctor prescribes lisinopril oral for you. Tell your doctor as soon as possible if you do not feel well while you are taking lisinopril or if you have any questions or concerns. Lisinopril tablets are also available under the brand name Zestril.

Side Effects

Possible side effects of Genopril include:

  • sneezing
  • muscle aches and pains
  • shivering
  • burning, crawling, itching, numbness, prickling, "pins and needles", or tingling feelings
  • rash
  • inability to have or keep an erection
  • diarrhea

Used for

Genopril is used to treat diseases such as: Alport Syndrome, Coronary Artery Disease, Diabetic Kidney Disease, Heart Attack, Heart Failure, High Blood Pressure, Migraine Prevention.

How to Use

  • No matter what dosing schedule you use, it is very important that you take this medication at the same time each day, 24 hours apart.
  • Take this medication by mouth as directed by your doctor, usually every 6 to 8 hours.

Dosage & Overdose

Other medications in the class of medications known as ACE inhibitors should not be taken in the future. This is more frequent with higher doses and with patients who are susceptible to bleeding.


  • The use of corticosteroids in the eyes may cause an increase in the pressure in the eye.
  • Composite mortality and morbidity risk was significantly reduced by 18.