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40 mg, 20 mg, 10 mg, 5 mg

Hypolip tablets 40 mg, 20 mg, 10 mg, 5 mg image

Active ingredient: atorvastatin

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Categories of HypolipCholesterol Lowering
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Manufacturer country (Worldwide Sale)Hungary
Medication ClassStatins

Hypolip medications OTC

The recommended starting dose more Hypolip recommend adults is 10 mg or 20 mg daily, preferably in Hypolip evening, with or without food. Atorvastatin would likely still work if a patient did not change his or her lifestyle, but there would be much more improvement if they did, said Neabore. If you take more Atorvastatin tablets than you should. The usual starting dose of Atorvastatin tablets is 10mg once a day in adults and children aged 10 years or older.

Side Effects

Possible side effects of Hypolip include:

  • paranoia
  • increased sensitivity of the eyes to light
  • increased sensitivity to touch or pain
  • increased body movements
  • painful or difficult urination
  • lower back or side pain
  • slurred speech

Used for

Hypolip is used to treat diseases such as: High Cholesterol, High Cholesterol, Familial Heterozygous, High Cholesterol, Familial Homozygous, Hyperlipoproteinemia, Hyperlipoproteinemia Type IIa, Elevated LDL, Hyperlipoproteinemia Type IIb, Elevated LDL VLDL, Hyperlipoproteinemia Type III, Elevated beta-VLDL IDL, Hyperlipoproteinemia Type IV, Elevated VLDL, Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis.

How to Use

  • Talk with your doctor before getting a flu vaccine after taking this medicine.
  • It is best to take this medicine with food.

Dosage & Overdose

The dose will be increased gradually until the response is satisfactory. Available evidence suggests that acute overdosage would be unlikely to give rise to immediate serious reaction.


  • Risk of developing aplastic anemia and agranulocytosis is 5 to 8 times greater in patients treated with this drug than in the general population.