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Active ingredient: atenolol

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Categories of OrmidolHeart Disease
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Manufacturer country (Worldwide Sale)Bosnia & Herzegowina, Croatia (Hrvatska)
Medication ClassCardioselective beta blockers

Ormidol pills over the counter

Medicated may interact with a few oral and herbal supplements so check Ormidol your allow or pharmacist before starting Ormidol or before starting any new medicines. Atenolol helps to prevent these complications from occurring. Fatigue is the most commonly reported atenolol side effect, occurring in up to 26 percent of all patients. Atenolol blocks the signals sent from your brain to your intestines.

Side Effects

Possible side effects of Ormidol include:

  • depression
  • shakiness
  • increased thirst
  • tingling or pain in fingers or toes when exposed to cold
  • inability to have or keep an erection
  • unusual drowsiness, dullness, tiredness, weakness, or feeling of sluggishness

Used for

Ormidol is used to treat diseases such as: Alcohol Withdrawal, Angina, Angina Pectoris Prophylaxis, Anxiety, Esophageal Variceal Hemorrhage Prophylaxis, Heart Attack, High Blood Pressure, Migraine Prevention, Mitral Valve Prolapse, Supraventricular Tachycardia, Ventricular Tachycardia.

How to Use

  • Chicago area died in 1982 after taking Tylenol laced with cyanide.

Dosage & Overdose

Symptoms of overdose may include restlessness, muscle spasms, tremors, twitching, deep sleep or loss of consciousness, and seizures. The dose prescribed depends on the condition being treated and how well it is controlled.


  • Exposure to sunlight may cause a skin rash, itching, redness, or even severe sunburn.