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25 mg

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Active ingredient: acetaminophen

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Categories of ParclenSleep Aid
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Manufacturer country (Worldwide Sale)Argentina
Medication ClassMiscellaneous analgesics

Parclen medications over the counter

The amount of acetaminophen these patients had open page was close Parclen the recommended daily dose of 4 grams. Best way is an antipyretic drug, which means it is used to lower fever. There are many brands and forms of acetaminophen available. Acetaminophen is available in many dosage forms and products, check label carefully to avoid overdose.

Side Effects

Possible side effects of Parclen include:

  • fever with or without chills (not present before treatment and not caused by the condition being treated)
  • sore throat (not present before treatment and not caused by the condition being treated)
  • nausea or vomiting
  • stomach cramps or pain
  • intravenous solution
  • Diarrhea

Used for

Parclen is used to treat diseases such as: Fever, Muscle Pain, Neck Pain, Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Sciatica, Transverse Myelitis.

How to Use

  • You should tell your doctor if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant while taking this medication.
  • Nimotop infusion contains alcohol and should be used with caution in people suffering from alcoholism, liver disease or epilepsy.

Dosage & Overdose

The dose in children depends on their age.


  • Use during pregnancy is not recommended unless the potential benefit outweighs the potential unknown risk to the fetus.
  • For people with autoimmune disorders, blood cell conditions like pernicious anemia can lead to immunity issues, chronic fatigue and cognitive impairment.


  • Inadvertent use is not an indication for a termination of pregnancy or invasive diagnostic procedures.
  • While you are taking this medicine you should use a condom during sex if your sexual partner is pregnant or could become pregnant.
  • For women, the duration of pregnancy termination can vary.