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500 mg, 250 mg

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Active ingredient: naproxen

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Categories of LundiranWomans Health
Average price (USD)$0.83 Naprosyn
Manufacturer country (Worldwide Sale)Spain
Medication ClassNonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents

Lundiran tablets OTC

Lundiran any doctor treats you that you are using medicine. Its make use in combination with can used is effects recommended because there is evidence that aspirin increases the rate of excretion of naproxen and data are inadequate to demonstrate that naproxen and aspirin produce greater improvement over that achieved with aspirin alone. Naproxen tablets for pain and inflammation Naprosyn. Naproxen is available on prescription as tablets or as a liquid that you drink.

Side Effects

Possible side effects of Lundiran include:

  • increased sweating
  • not able to concentrate
  • increased urination
  • indigestion
  • trouble performing routine tasks

Used for

Lundiran is used to treat diseases such as: Ankylosing Spondylitis, Aseptic Necrosis, Back Pain, Bursitis, Chronic Myofascial Pain, Costochondritis, Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis, Dysautonomia, Fever, Frozen Shoulder, Gout, Acute, Headache, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, Muscle Pain, Neck Pain, Osteoarthritis, Pain, Period Pain, Radiculopathy, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sciatica, Spondylolisthesis, Tendonitis, Transverse Myelitis.

How to Use

  • If your doctor has recommended a dose different from the ones listed here, do not change the way that you are taking this medication without consulting your doctor.
  • To reduce this, it is advised to take this medication with food.

Dosage & Overdose

It must therefore be ensured that patients receive clear information on the appropriate dosage for their condition. At first, 300 or 450 mg once a day.


  • Utilization of the Mayo risk score in patients with primary biliary cirrhosis receiving ursodeoxycholic acid.
  • Systemic corticosteroid preparations should not be administered during pregnancy unless the need of the mother outweighs any possible risk of harm to the fetus.