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200 mg, 100 mg

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Active ingredient: progesterone

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Categories of UtrogestranWomans Health
Average price (USD)$0.39 Prometrium
Manufacturer country (Worldwide Sale)Greece
Medication ClassProgestins

Utrogestran tablets over the counter

The most effective and safe Utrogestran these menopause choice is to counteract the excess estrogens by using a natural progesterone cream. Low Progesterone Symptoms as a Hormonal Imbalance in Women.

Side Effects

Possible side effects of Utrogestran include:

  • change in vaginal discharge
  • depression
  • yellow eyes or skin
  • fast, pounding, or irregular heartbeat or pulse

Used for

Utrogestran is used to treat diseases such as: Amenorrhea, Endometrial Hyperplasia, Prophylaxis, Endometriosis, Gender Dysphoria, Perimenopausal Symptoms, Premature Labor, Progesterone Insufficiency, Seizures, Uterine Bleeding.

How to Use

  • This medication is given by injection into a vein or muscle as directed by your doctor.

Dosage & Overdose

Your doctor may change the dose of your statin if you need to take these drugs together.


  • However, the close temporality of hypotension risk to initiation of drug treatment and a secondary self controlled analysis that implicitly controlled for time invariant confounders suggested that the bias due to measurement error in the confounders could be minimal or absent.